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General Medicine Preventative Medicine and Internal Medicine

Phoenix Veterinarian, Sugarloaf Animal Clinic, provides exceptional services and specialties in the following areas:

Adult Wellness - thorough exam and individualized preventative treatment plans (based on lifestylePhoenix_veterinarian_senior_wellness.JPG

 of pet and owner), vaccines (DA2P-CPV, Lepto, Da2p, Parvo, Rattlesnake, Bordatella, Canine Rabies, FVRCP, FVRC, Panleukopenia, VetJet needless Leukemia, and Canary Pox Feline Rabies), parasite prevention (deworming and heartworm preventative), Heartworm/Ehrlichia (Tick Fever)/Lyme test, parasite screening (stool test), intraoccular pressure check (IOP)

Animal Dentistry - canine and feline dentals, deciduous extractions, senior dental services, full mouth extractions, epulis removal, malocclusions, etc.

Animal Dermatology - allergies, ectoparasite treatment, immune skin disease, skin infections, Spectrum Labs allergy testing, allergen injections etc.

Animal Endocrinology - Cushings, Addisons, diabetes, hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, referral I -131 treatment, etc.

Basic Opthamology - intraoccular pressure (IOP), corneal staining, Schirmer tear tests, corneal ulcer evaluation and treatment, corneal exams, conjunctivitis, anterior uveitis, glaucoma evaluation, infectious diseases of the eyes, etc.

Comprehensive In-house Laboratory Services

Corrective Surgery - stenotic nares, vulvoplasty, entropian, ectropian, cherry eye surgery, anal sacculectomy etc.

Euthanasia/Cremation - sympathetic and caring humane euthanasia (owner attended if preferred), individual cremation or mass cremation available, and urns

DNA Testing - We offer various types of DNA tesing including the Wisdom Panel Professional, mixed breed genetic analysis

Full Service Referral Lab

General Surgery - Soft tissue surgery, spay/neuter, declaw, and tendonectomy etc.

Health Certificates - National Health Certificates or International Health Certificate

Microchip Services - HomeAgain microchipping and registration

Opthalmic Surgery - entropian surgery, ectropian surgery, eyelid tumor removals, enucleation, ocular prolapse surgery, cherry eye surgery, etc.

Pain Management - acute or chronic pain management, pre surgical (Pre-Op) and post surgical (Post-Op) pain management   

Pre and Post Whelping/Queening Exams

Puppy Dewclaw and Tail Removals

Puppy/Kitten Discounted Wellness Packages - thorough exam with individualized preventative treatment plans (based on lifestyle of pet  and owner), puppy/kitten vaccines and boosters, parasite screening (stool test), parasite prevention (deworming and heartworm preventative),  HomeAgain microchip, and an intraocular pressure check (IOP), behavioral counseling when needed

Radiology - radiography, contrast radiography, radiograph evaluation, OFA radiography, ultrasound and echocardiograms (in-house by mobile specialists), etc. 

Senior Wellness - thorough exam, bloodwork (blood chemistries, complete blood count, thyroid screening), urinalysis, and intraocular pressure check 

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